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Introducing Bitcoin

Hello,and welcome to btc world, the best and easiest way of payment.First of all let me give you short introduction to bitcoins. So what's bitcoin? It is a virtual (digital) currency network, where the creation and transfer of value is based on an open source crypto protocol that is independent of any central authority. The term bitcoin also refers to the basic unit of currency within this system.Started and invented in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, the network is global ,allowing currency to be moved between countries almost instantaneously without involving government regulation or control by traditional banking systems,it igives you total anonimity and freedom to make transactions with everyone you want with no almost no fee, it is not CONTROLLED by authorities. Bitcoin has the value of 275 DOLLARS PER 1 BITCOIN,as the amount of 1 BTC is alot of money it is divided in SATOSHIS which are like cents compared to US Dollars 1000 satoshis is  0.00001 BTC.For any transaction with bitcoins/satoshis u need a wallet.So first step you need to do for getting involved in bitcoins is to open your wallet,2 most secured and established wallets are  and so when register with them,you will need to verify your email address,you will get your unique wallet address which is something like this 1SBwH7YWxJn6bpw8znkXh9bxYw5DRTzui you will use this address for everything related with payments. So best way to get free bitcoins is through systems called Faucets they generate free coins which you collect and withdraw to your address,i will give you best links for collecting them,some of them are autopilot where btcs are accumulated so you need to check once daily or weekly and collect,others are active ones where you check every few minutes or hour collect and come back when timer ends,here is my list of best faucets you can find




Best passive faucet

Here's the best TOTALLY PASSIVE bitcoin faucet. That means you just have to do nothing during the day, just a click and earn. I suggest to you to click at least once per hour in order to gain the more from this site. You can see a table with all gains per hour. Just check it at:  (my ref link)

Best active faucets

Alien faucet, the best growing faucet. Bitcoins every 5 minutes (from 100 to 25000). Check it here: (my ref link)

Bitcoinker faucet, bitcoins every 15 minutes, from 400 to 1000. Check it here: (my ref link)

Land of bitcoin, my favourite one. It automatically opens 30+ faucet sites in one click. So, image your earning. Check it here: (my ref link)